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Dental SEO - What is SEO for Dentists and How can it Help?

SEO for dentists is a combination of on-site and off-site work. Discover rich search terms, strategically placed and promoted increases traffic/clients.

Dentists are becoming aware that it is super important to have a good online presence in the organic search engine results pages. Having a great looking website is not all you need, it has to be seen to attract new patients. A good online marketing strategy using SEO tactics and social media for promotion works really well. Getting on the search engines is not difficult, some on page tweaks and can rankings and traffic change over night.

Improving those rankings is where dental search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. See below to help you understand how to develop a digital strategy for your dental practice.

In the past clients would search for a dentists surgery using the phone book or by asking around. These days over 90% of people go online, the vast majority only click on the top few results. SEO for dentists can bring your site into those positions on the search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

This guide shows you how to get started with SEO for dentistry websites, following these SEO steps can improve traffic and client intake very quickly. If you want to hire any agency to help your practice grow big through SEO get in touch with us today.

What does SEO involve?

SEO is short for search engine optimization, this involves working on-site and off-site to improve a websites rankings. The phrases that people type into a search engine are called keywords, you can even check how many times people search for certain phrases each month. This means you can calculate your return on investment into SEO.

A fast loading responsive website ranks better, if you need help with web design for dentists we can help with that too. With SEO in mind when building your website ranking becomes easier down the line. In many cases a fast loading website and well written content can rank number 1 in days.

The technical aspects of SEO may be difficult for some dentists to undertake themselves in house, that is where an agency will need to step in. The basics can be applied, in many cases this will be the only thing that is needed to be done to get better search engine rankings.

How does dental SEO work?

SEO for dentists (AKA dental SEO) is the process of working on a dental practice’s website optimizing pages and posts for selected keywords. The process does not stop there, a good strategy will also include an off-site marketing plan to share the site to pull traffic not just from the search engines, but other highly used website too.

Why is SEO for dentists so important?

If you are a dentist then you probably do not want to get into SEO. This should get you excited. Imagine if you rank top for a keyword like “dentist in Maryland" that has a search volume of 6500. This would mean an extra 2145 traffic to your website, with a low 5% conversion rate that would mean an extra 107 cleints for your practice each and every month. If your clients only spend an average of $50 each month this would mean an extra $5262 each and every month. This would be just 1 keyword, our dental websites rank for thousands of keywords. This is very exciting.

Experts have revealed that the top site will get 33% of all the clicks, the top 5 results get nearly 70%. If you practice’s site hits the top 5 for thousands of keywords it would mean so many more patients for your website, it can become overwhelming. The power of SEO is amazing, do not over look it.

Because the retrun on investment into SEO is so high many dentists will have already starting working with dental search engine optimization. They already have a head start, with us on your side catch up is easy.

SEO will bring an amazing amount of exposure to your business online, more patients to your practice will come for free each and every month. More and more people are searching for dentists in their area online, SEO gives you the chance to get to these potential new patients.

The good new is that niche dental SEO for pratices is still fairly new, so many of your competitors in your area will be new to it also. This means you have the opportunity to get to the new patients online before they do, your practice can utilize SEO to get ahead and make even more money than you already do.

Get started with dental SEO

For your marketing plan to work you need to know which keywords to target and how to monitor your success. SEO allows you to do this, your content should be focuses around what your dental patients require, you must answer their questions and solve their problems. When you publish this kind of content on your website rankings come easy.

For your practice to get started moving rankings in the right direction here is a dental search engine optimization strategy to follow.

Keyword research

Prospective patients online are searching for dentists everyday looking for specific services, these might include emergency teeth care, alignments, and much more. You can use a free keyword research tool to discover these phrases and their monthly search volumes. Some search phrases are more competitive than others and have higher monthly search volumes.

A denist can optimize their website for dental services and the keywords will be something like “teeth whitening New York" or “emergency dental care Texas". Content will be written around one main focus keyword (biggest search volume) and then will also target long tail variations on them.

To optimize a page perfectly these keywords must feature in the METADATA, the page/post headings, and within the body content. When a search engine bot crawls the page it needs to discover these keywords within the content. Do not use words like dentist or dentist surgery only, other words like root canal, tooth replacement, and others can be used.

For quick wins use a tool like Ubersuggest to discover if your dental website is already ranking for any keywords. Then you can make some on-page tweaks to push rankings over night.

Local search phrases

When it comes to your teeth people are looking locally, they want to find a practice near to them with many using phrases like “near me" in their search terms. A good SEO plan will ensure you target keyword with “near me" in the also the area where you operate. Find good target keywords and add your state after them, sometimes even cities and towns names have a good monthly search volume to them.

For local SEO to be completed your Name, Area, Phone (NAP) details should be on all pages of your dentist website. Many also embed a Google Map into their pages, this helps with rankings and helps clients find your practice.

Remember to claim your Google Business Page, this is where you can feature in the Local Listings section of the search results pages. This is also a way for clients to leave reviews about your dental business, this builds trust and conversion rates further on your website.

Content building strategy

Every dentist SEO strategy must include a content building plan, this means adding a blog to the website and adding to it weekly. A dentist writing about what they do builds trust, from an SEO point it means more lines in the water, more pages in the SERPs and more chances to pull traffic from them.

SEO is very time consuming, the blogging part of it can be just a few hours per week, but the results are well worth the effort. A dentist can write about dental care tips and tricks, these posts can include internal links to other pages, it helps the crawl bots find and index all the pages on a site. People looking for a dentist in an area can read these posts, they are more likely to turn into a paying client as the trust is increased.

Off-site promotion

Great content will earn quality links, the more quality links a site can earn means higher rankings in the search engines for the keywords. It is an on-going process, earning links should be looked at everyday.

After your quality content has been published you need to get it seen, to do this you can post the details on it on social media platforms. You need to reach out and connect with other dentistry websites, they will want to share your content with their readers if it is so good. Your position as a respected person in the dental field will grow as you do this, your website will be loved by Google. The big search engines use links as one of the biggest ranking signals, this will never change.

Dental SEO FAQs

So you want to know more about dental SEO? Take a look at our FAQ section below.

How can I track my dental SEO work?

If you have started doing SEO for dentists and began optimizing your website then you can track keyword rankings using a free online tool called SERP SURF. You must log everything that you change, including any on-page, off-page, technical aspects (site speed) that you make. If rankings drop you can put things back to the way they were and reverse the rank changes.

How fast can I get results with dental search engine optimization?

In most cases dental search engine optimization starts to pull more traffic in 4 weeks, that’s a new website. An established website can see traffic gains from on-page tweaks in as little as a few days. Practices will see a traffic increase and bookings in 4 weeks after the work starts. High competition SEO keyword take 3 months to rank top, do not confuse organic SEO with pay-per-click (PPC). These are paid adverts shows at the top of the SERPs.

What is the price of SEO for dentists?

The price of dental website SEO depends on how many keywords/URLs you want to target. The cost for dental SEO with us to get started is $300, this goes up to $3000 for more target keywords and content development plans. If you are looking for a consultant or dental SEO expert we are here for you, our prices are reasonable and we get results.

How do I know I will get a ROI from hiring a dental SEO agency?

A practice can work out their return on investment (ROI) from dental SEO by looking at the target keywords:

Keyword search volume x 0.33 (top ranked site traffic) = total website visitors

Total website visitors x Website Conversion Rate = total new clients

Total new clients x Average client spend = Total income per month per keyword

Remember that the top ranking site will get 33% of the traffic, these extimates are based on getting a top search engine ranking. If you do not know your website conversion rates go conservative with 5%, it’s likely you will convert much higher than this. The dental service offered in the keyword will determine the average client spend.

You can set up your website in Google Console and use webmaster tools like Google Analytics to determine your exact conversion rates.

More visitors and more patients with dental SEO services

Now that you are aware that it is important to implement SEO for dentists you are probably keen to get up and running. SEO does not have to be difficult, if you would like us to take the job for you get in touch with one of our experts today.

We have pushed thousands of dentists and their keywords to the top, our SEO services get real results. We have a big team and a good outreach that will help bring new patients to your practice every month just by pulling free traffic from the organic search results pages.

It’s satisfying to know that developing an in house SEO team will cost a practice a lot more than hiring our agency.

Our dental SEO service plans cover absolutely every you need, you can get more patients, all you have to do is sign up with us today.

We can have a chat or you can choose a package and pay to get started now. We can’t wait to start working with you.

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